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Intended Parents FAQs about Surrogacy



Why work with Intended Parents, Inc?


Intended Parents, Inc is a full service agency dedicated to helping intended parents achieve their dreams of having a family. We are intended parents ourselves and coupled with this experience and the expertise of surrogacy case management we are well versed in all aspects of surrogacy. 


What services do you provide?


We match intended parents with the right surrogate mother for them. Using the details you submit in your profile and from discussions we have with you, we locate a surrogate mother who has the same views as you do. There are some very specific aspects of surrogacy which need to be agreed upon before we even tell you about a prospective surrogate mother. For example if you want three embryos to be transferred at the time of transfer there is no point in matching you with a surrogate mother who will only agree to having one embryo transferred.


Our services include coordinating the testing of the surrogate mother and her spouse; coordinating the background and psychological evaluations; coordinating the contract process between you and your surrogate mother; coordinating with the fertility centers, attorneys, psychologists, obstetricians and hospitals.


What is Gestational Surrogacy?


Using the process of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) eggs are retrieved from the intended mother or egg donor's ovaries and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father or sperm donor. Embryos are then transferred to the gestational surrogate mother's uterus where she will carry the fetus to term and deliver a baby for the intended parents.


Why choose gestational surrogacy?


In the past adoption and/or childlessness were the only options for infertility. Now surrogacy is the alternative to adoption and/or childlessness . Many couples choose gestational surrogacy so that they can have a baby that is genetically related to one or both of them.


What is your application process?


Our application process starts with a telephone consultation with our program director. Depending on your location you can follow up with visits to our office or additional telephone consultations.  You then complete a detailed profile as well as submit a copy of your drivers license and consent to a detailed background check.  You will also need to sign our agency agreement for services.


If the intended father's sperm will be used the intended father must consent to STD testing and provide a statement of good health from your physician. STD testing includes tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and C. A semen analysis and urine drug screen will also be conducted.


If the intended mother's will be used the in addition to STD testing and a urine drug screen the intended mother will have to provide a statement of good health your doctor.


The treating physician will review your medical records and determine whether additional tests are required.


How will I be matched to a surrogate mother?


Our surrogate mothers complete a very detailed profile. The surrogate mother states her views to various aspect of surrogacy. Based on the information in your profile, your views and our consultations with you, we review the profiles of surrogate mothers to make sure that their beliefs are in line with yours.  Once we determine that there is a match we send you the surrogate mother's profile as well as a photograph of her for you to review. Depending on your location and the surrogate mother's location, we set up a telephone consultation so that you may speak with the surrogate mother.


How long does it take to be matched?


If you have no specific requirements a match can be made between one to seven weeks. If you are looking for a surrogate mother of a specific ethnicity or in a particular geographic location it can take a little longer.


Why does a woman want to be a surrogate mother?


There are many reasons why a woman chooses to be a surrogate mother.  Often a surrogate mother has had someone close to her experience infertility; loves being pregnant; experiences the joy of giving the most precious gift; has a history of easy, uncomplicated pregnancies; knows the importance of her own children in her life; has an opportunity to make a unique contribution to a family's life.


How do we know we can trust a surrogate mother to carry our child?


Our surrogate mothers go through an extensive evaluation process. We conduct reference checks and make sure that the surrogate mother has support around her from her family and friends. In addition, once the surrogate mother is selected by you she undergoes a detailed psychological evaluation to determine, among other things, that she is ready for and can handle going through surrogacy.


Where does the surrogate mother give birth?


The surrogate mother will deliver your baby at a hospital that is local to her. Typically the hospital and obstetrician she chooses are the same as they were for her own children.


What is a surrogacy friendly state?


A surrogacy friendly state is a state which has no residency requirements for the intended parents and a birth certificate can be issued in the intended parents' names. We only work with surrogacy friendly states.


What if surrogacy is illegal in our state?


It does not matter where you the intended parent resides.  As long surrogacy is legal in your surrogate mother's state, the state where your baby will be born, there are no issues.


Will our names be put on the birth certificate?


Some surrogacy friendly states allow a pre-birth order to be issued by the courts which instructs the hospital to put the intended parent's names on the birth certificate. The attorney, acting on behalf of the intended parents, usually starts the work for the pre-birth order in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy so that the order is granted before the birth of your baby. In other surrogacy friendly states, with the help of your attorney, the birth certificate is re-issued in your names shortly after the birth of your baby.


What are the costs associated with gestational surrogacy?


Please click on this link to see a list of fees


Do I have to pay all the fees all at once?


No you do not. The first fee which is due with the signed agency agreement is the agency fee. After that fees occur at the time of service until the signing of the contract between you and your gestational surrogate mother. After the contract has been signed you will deposit funds into an escrow account. These funds will cover the monies required for the pregnancy and include the surrogate mother's fees.


If we already have a surrogate mother can we still use your services?


Yes you can. In this circumstance Intended Parents, Inc is retained to assist with all the other aspects of the surrogacy arrangement. There are many steps involved in a surrogacy arrangement and we are intricately familiar with each. We coordinate all the testing required - medical, background checking and psychological evaluations. We also assist in the contract negotiations between you and your surrogate mother. We coordinate all the medical procedures as well as monitor the entire pregnancy to ensure a smooth pregnancy and delivery. We are there to ensure that the birth certificate process is smooth and we also assist with arrangements after the birth.


Do you work with international clients?


Yes we do! We have a very large international client base.


Can I work with my own fertility center for the medical treatment of our chosen surrogate mother?


As long as your fertility center operates in a surrogacy friendly state then there are no issues. If your fertility center is not in surrogacy friendly state we can refer you to a reputable fertility center in your surrogate mother's state.


How much contact can we have with our chosen surrogate mother?


When you complete your profile you tell us how much contact you want to have before, during and after the pregnancy. We will match you with a surrogate mother who wants the same contact as you do.


How is the surrogate mother paid during the pregnancy?


Once the gestational surrogacy agreement has been signed by you, the intended parents and your surrogate mother and her spouse, you deposit funds into an escrow account. The surrogate mother will be paid from these funds according to your signed gestational surrogacy agreement.


What kind of support do you provide before, during and after the surrogacy process?


The process of surrogacy is emotionally challenging. We are intended parents ourselves and because we know the feelings of intended parents we provide support in a professional and caring way. We have support meetings on the telephone so that you can talk to other intended parents. We also have bi-weekly telechats which focuses on a particular subject, such as medical aspects, and we have a professionals in the field of discussion who can answer your questions. We provide you with frequent updates so that you know exactly where we are in the process. Also, we know that most intended parents work during the day and cannot talk from their offices so we accommodate your schedule. Evening appointments are available.


Who takes custody of the child if both of us die during the pregnancy?


If you both should die prior to the birth of your baby, the person you named as guardian of your child in our application form will take custody of your child. This guardian will be so named in the signed gestational surrogate agreement between you and your surrogate mother.

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