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Types Of Surrogacy

For many years, surrogate pregnancy was a somewhat risky method by which intended parents could attempt to have a child. The surrogate mother was always the biological mother--her pregnancy was the result of her own egg or eggs and the sperm of either a donor or the intended father. Fertilization took place via artificial insemination. The process was lengthy and expensive, and when all was said and done, the surrogate mother could refuse to give up the baby if she so chose.

At Intended Parents, Inc., we understand how heartbreaking such a process would be because we are intended parents ourselves. We are thrilled to have firsthand experience with gestational surrogacy, which presents less risk for intended parents. With gestational surrogacy, the baby is not related to the surrogate mother--it is created in-vitro and can actually be the result of one or both of the intended parents' genetic material.

The Many Advantages of Gestational Surrogate Pregnancy

Because a gestational surrogate pregnancy is not the result of the surrogate's own egg or eggs, she is less likely to think of the baby as "hers." If an egg donor is used, the egg donor has no legal rights to the baby whatsoever. The inherent differences between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy make it a much more feasible option for many intended parents.

Our goal at Intended Parents, Inc. is to ensure that the complex details involved in creating a successful surrogate pregnancy are taken care of. We provide total case management services, which means we take care of all the arrangements from start to finish. For more information on our agency, please call us at 732-526-7013, or click here to send us an email

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