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Surrogate parenting is not for everybody--it takes a special kind of person. At Intended Parents, Inc., we work with many special women who enjoy the emotional rewards of helping intended parents start or add to their families. Because we are intended parents ourselves, we understand all that goes into surrogate parenting and we make sure our surrogates are emotionally and physically ready for the process.

Thanks to advances in reproductive technology, intended parents can now have children that are genetically linked to one or both of them via gestational surrogate parenting. Gestational surrogacy involves an embryo that has been fertilized in-vitro, which is then implanted into the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother is not related to the embryo--it is created from either the intended mother's egg or that of an egg donor. This helps to eliminate some of the problems inherent in traditional surrogacy.

The Legal Benefits of Gestational Surrogate Parenting

Before gestational surrogacy was developed, surrogate parenting was more risky for the intended parents. A traditional surrogate mother would agree to get pregnant via artificial insemination and carry a child for the intended parents. This created a great deal of emotional stress for the surrogate mother, who would be giving away her own child, and for the intended parents, who were often afraid that a surrogate mother would develop an attachment and want to keep the baby.

Gestational surrogate parenting is less emotionally complicated for the surrogate mother. It is also a wonderful way for intended parents to have their own biological child. For more information, please call us at 732-526-7013, or click here to send us an email

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