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Types Of Surrogacy

Because of the complex nature of the gestational surrogacy process, there are many costs involved. At Intended Parents, Inc., we provide you with a list of costs on the "fees" portion of our website. Because there are many variables, we cannot give you an exact total of what your surrogacy costs will be, but we can give you a breakdown of the things you will and won't need to pay for.

The surrogate mother's fees make up a good portion of the overall surrogacy costs. Women who have already completed successful surrogacy cycles tend to command higher fees than those who are doing it for the first time. There are no guarantees either way, so the surrogate mother you choose is solely a matter of personal preference and comfort level. We will help you complete a detailed profile that we will use to match you with the surrogate mother who best meets your criteria.

Surrogacy Costs Include Insurance and Background Checks

Some other surrogacy costs you will need to be prepared to cover include visits to the fertility clinic for the surrogate mother (and the egg donor if you use one), OB/GYN visits after the surrogate mother becomes pregnant, medication, medical co-pays and deductibles, and legal fees. You will also need to purchase medical insurance to cover the pregnancy if the surrogate mother's insurance does not cover it.

Other costs of gestational surrogacy include background check fees, psychological evaluation fees for the surrogate mother and her spouse, a maternity clothes allowance, and other miscellaneous fees. Part of our case management service includes handling the invoicing and payment of all surrogacy costs. For more information, please call us at 732-526-7013, or click here to send us an email

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