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We offer different fertility options at Intended Parents, Inc. For years, the only real option available to people who could not have their own biological children was to adopt. While adoption can be a wonderful blessing for both parents and children, some people desperately desire to have offspring with whom they have some genetic connection. Recent advances in fertility options have made this possible.

With gestational surrogacy, there are two ways that allow the intended parents to establish a genetic link to their child. The first is to take a healthy egg from the intended mother and sperm from the intended father and use in-vitro fertilization to create one or more embryos. For women who produce healthy eggs but are not able to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term, this is one of the best fertility options available.

New and Better Fertility Options

The other choice is to use an egg from a donor and sperm from the intended father to create one or more embryos using in-vitro fertilization. In either of the scenarios listed, the resulting embryo is implanted in a surrogate mother. She carries the pregnancy and delivers the baby. For emotional reasons, some women are more inclined to volunteer as surrogates if they are carrying someone else's child rather than their own.

Fertility options that allow one or more of the intended parents to be genetically connected to their baby have helped eliminate some of the emotional complications of traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is also a wonderful option for gay couples who may experience more challenges with traditional adoption processes. For more information, please contact us at 732-526-7013 or click here to send us an email

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